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Handspring Visor Deluxe Reviews

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Visor Black Visor Set Modem Memory Module Case
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Reviews from Amazon customers:

"Anyone considering a Palm-based devices should look no further than the Visor Deluxe PDA. Its USB connection makes Hotsyncing very easy and efficient. Its Springboard slot makes upgradability and expansion a breeze. The term "Plug-n-Play" really lives up to its name with this device. I thoroughly enjoy my Visor Deluxe and highly recommend it! "

"I've had my Handspring for three months now, and it is just great. I knew these PalmOS things inspired passion, but it's hard to really appreciate it until you use it for a while. It's always with you, and it's functions are instantaneous. Battery life is so long it's a non-issue. It's not an exaggeration to call it life-changing (well...)
I find the calendar and phonebook to have the biggest impact. They're synched with my office's MS Outlook -- very practical. But consider an application like electronic books. (AportisDoc reader). Find yourself waiting in a line? Don't get upset: whip out your visor and continue reading your current book. When these playthings (really) go wireless, it will be amazing. I bought the EyeModule this month. The photo quality isn't spectacular, but you can take it with you everywhere, and it's quite inconspicuous. Very life-changing. It drains the batteries much faster, though. Hats off to Jeff Hawkins and the other folks at Handspring. God bless 'em. "

"I have been searching for a PDA for over 6 months now, weighing in the pros and cons of all the different choices. The Windows CE products are nice but are way too expensive for the limitations they have. The Palm series are quite good but do not have enough upgradeability that the Handspring Visor Deluxe has. The Visor is probably the best because of it's "Springboard Modules" which are the upgrades, these include : Digital Cameras, lots of Games, Programable Remote, the Beeper, and others. Also the Handspring Visor Deluxe runs on the Palm Operating System that has thousands of programs to download for free or little money. Go with the Visor Deluxe it's your best bet, cheaper than Palm."

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