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Buy the Visor Modem Module at Amazon

Visit the Handspring Visor Shop at Amazon - Order yours today!
Visor Black Visor Set Modem Memory Module Case
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Buy the Handspring Wireline 33.6 Modem Springboard Module at Amazon:

Visor 33.6 Modem Module Visor Modem

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Connect to your PC using a standard phone line, synchronize data while you're traveling, or check e-mail and surf the Web--all from your Handspring Visor handheld with the Handspring modem module.

Reviews from Amazon customers:

"This modem is great albeit bulky, making it impossible to fit into any form-fitting cases. The bulk comes from its AAA battery compartment. Having its own batteries keeps the drain on the Visor as low as can be expected from online activity. Don't think 33.6 is a slow speed for Palm-based devices. Data in the Palm world is much smaller than its PC equivalent. IRC, ICQ, e-mail, and web-surfing... you can do it all with this modem. "

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