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The Visor Craze is sweeping the world...

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What is the Visor Craze about?

This website isn't about hardware or software, freeware, or shareware (although we provide some links). Its not about accessories, modems, memory modules. Its about the psychological lure of Handspring Visor: why do we feel that compelling urge to posess one? What makes them so irresistibly desirable?

We've come up with a nice little list of "reasons" (excuses?) to buy a Visor:

  1. They're beautiful: the design is less sleek and slender, but frankly they are much more colorful. They make Palm PDAs look conservative and boring...
  2. They're cheaper: half the price of a Palm for a lot more versatility. This price makes Visors accessible for many more people: students, and young professionals. Visor will do for PDAs what Nokia did for mobile phones, and Swatch did for Swiss watches: democratise them by making them affordable and anti-snobish!
  3. Like Palms, they're great companions: Lets admit it, its nice to have a little plaything to fool around with. Load you favorite internet content with AvantGo and surf the news headlines on the go. Make a few notes, browse the mail you've hotsynced from the office Lotus-notes system.
  4. Visors are versatile: today its only a PDA, tomorrow it will be a radio, a phone, a mobile browser, a remote control, a walkman....

What do you think of Visors? If you already bought one, what are your experiences with it? What Handspring modules would you like to see?

Post your answer to our forumNew! and share with other Visor zealots: Go to forum!

Some good places for Visor/PalmOS software downloads:

A good place to get your hardware:

Any comments? we welcome your feedback, mail us

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