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Handspring Visor Reviews

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Visor Black Visor Set Modem Memory Module Case
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Reviews from Amazon customers:

"I finally gave up trying to balance home/work/family. I decided to keep everything in one place and the Handspring Visor was something I could afford that included everything that I ever wanted. Its fanstastic - easy to learn with the display instruction. I popped the batteries in and started using it in seconds. I carry it around with me where ever I go and I can say it is making my life much easier already. From birthdays, grocery list, events and TO DO list. It has got it all. You don't have to be an executive or know anything about computers to use it. Its great - Moms will love it! "

"I have had my Handspring Visor since February, 2000 and I couldn't do without it anymore. I did extensive research into the various models available and found that the Visor to offer everything the Palm models offered but cheaper and better. It is a fantastic product and a great company."

"I've had a Visor since they came out, and, it is definitely the best handheld device available on the market. When you leverage it's reasonable price with the expandability of the Springboard modules, there really are better choices. "

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